There are several knots that will work for connecting LeadCore and MicroLead to leader, but we reccomend using a Uni Knot or Double-Uni Knot. The trick is to break out a 4-8in. section of the lead by pushing up the outer sheath and pinching out the lead, then pushing the sheath back down. You'll then be able to use the core-less section to tie your knot.

Many anglers prefer the Willis Knot for the LeadCore line. Like the previous tip, start by removing the lead from a 6-8in. section of the line. Then, feed the leader into the sheath all the way to the lead and tie two simple over-hand knots in the section where the LeadCore and leader overlap. Keep in mind that using a Willis knot is not possible with MicroLead as the UHMWPE is too slick and the knots will pull out. Always use a Double Uni Knot with MicroLead.