Braid has less than 3% elongation which makes it incredibly sensitive to bites or any type of action. This also gives you the ability to get a feel for the structure or landscape of what you’re fishing. Braid is naturally buoyant which causes it to float, so it is perfect for fishing any topwater applications or situations where you need to watch your line as an indicator. The high-vis colors of our braid also pair nicely with the natural buoyancy, allowing for you to see the line clearly to watch for action. The variety of colors also give you the ability to distinguish which rod/reel set up has which pound test.

Braid also has a much greater tenacity-to-diameter ratio. This allows for you to greatly increase your line capacity on a reel without sacrificing break strength. You can also increase the tenacity of your line without sacrificing sensitivity and finesse. We always encourage the consumer to match their braid diameter with the mono equivalent diameter, especially when matching up a mono or fluoro leader. All TUF-LINE packaging states the mono equivalent diameter.

TUF-LINE has a much higher abrasion resistance than any other line on the market. Braided line in general is more abrasion resistant than mono or fluoro, UHMWPE is pound for pound 15 times stronger than steel. TUF-LINE specifically has increased abrasion resistance compared to the competitors due to our aerospace technology coating process.