TUF-LINE is manufactured in the USA under strict quality regiments due to Western Filament being the only fishing line manufacturer in the world that is ISO9001 and AS9100 certified. This guarantees that every product that leaves the facility (even fishing line) must be approved to go into space. We also supply materials that go into the medical, automotive, aerospace, and industrial industries, along with high quality sporting goods and much more. This truly makes us the expert in the braiding industry as we have been manufacturing high quality products for over 80 years.

TUF-LINE was also the first ever “super-line” to hit the market in the fishing industry. Believe it or not, most of the prominent brands in performance braided line on the market today have all been breakoffs from the original TUF-LINE.

To get more technical, what truly separates TUF-LINE from every other performance braid on the market is our coating. We’ve created an exclusive fishline coating that is chemically superior to each and every competitors coating. UHMWPE material is a hydrophobic material in its raw form, therefore repelling virtually anything it comes into contact with. This is the reason why you see most braided lines flake and fray, losing their color very quickly as most companies are only able to coat the outside of the braid with non-adhesive material. However, TUF-LINE has created a coating that adheres to UHMWPE fiber. It is engineered to permeate into the intricacies of the braid itself, enabling longer color lasting, increased abrasion resistance, greater knot strength, better casting distance and a greater overall life of the braid.